Wood is the primary material used in the collection. Other materials are used to complete particular pieces.

Wood-primitive, reassuring, tactile, crafted whit experience and established techniques - the perfect choice for limited edition pieces. This is the aim of the Xilo collection - to create limited edition furniture. All the piece are designed to have a purpose while at the same time they excite one's emotions, one's affections; they can be ironic too. They appeal to a select group of collectors who find something of themselves in the pieces.

If one can feel affection for mass-produced, throwaway objects, how much more appropriate it is feel affection for a limited edition item, the ownership of which is both satisfying and personal.

The pieces carry higher price tags than do mass-produced industrial pieces that's what one would expect for a beautifully crafted personal item which one would not part with lightly. The way the collection is being marketed is quite distinct from the marketing strategy of mass-produced furniture.

Pieces which form part of a collection need to have an identity in terms of their style: whit the contribution of a group of designers we have tried to unify the collection and place them in a global context.

The Xilo collection is on display at:

Exclusive Furniture
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